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Henry Schein brand products offer "Best Value", which means that for the price you pay you will get the best quality products that are available. Our dedicated Corporate Brand Team invites top quality manufacturers all over the world to supply samples for the products that we are looking for. These factories are visited by our team to ensure that the quality systems are in place to ensure consistency. In the final stage we use our test panel of dentist to test the handling of the products.

After all the quality criteria are met, we create the packaging and add our Henry Schein "Seal of Excellence" on the product. The seal indicates that we are so convinced that you will appreciate the product that we grant you an unconditional right of return. All consumable products are "free" samples as you can return it for a 100% credit note if you are unhappy with the specifications.

We are proud to offer the broadest range of products in the industry and we would like to welcome you to join the growing group of Healthcare Professionals that use our carefully selected products.

  • Henry Scheinbrand dental
  • Henry Scheinbrand dental
  • Henry Scheinbrand medical

Download your eIFU - Product leaflet!

Henry Schein enables you to leave paper Instructions for Use (IFU) and Product leaflets (PLL) out of product packaging and make them accessible for the end-user on the internet!
Help the environment and download your eIFU or Product leaflet!
Download your eIFU - Product leaflet

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